Donation Steps

How to donate your old laptopSearch into your storage house or inside that old box and take your laptop to your hands. Is it in one piece? Ok then… Also, try to find the power cable and put both of them in a bag.

Now type on your working computer our website  or give us a call at +306981001939 or send us a message here.

Yes, we will come and pick it up from you.

Do you live in Athens?

How to donate your old laptop

Come to our offices and meet our team of volunteers at Social Hackers Academy.

Our pick-up locations are:

  • Social Hackers Academy, Anaxagora 3, Athens 10552, Greece
  • Ideadeco, Kallirrois 24, Piraeus 18539, Greece
  • Comeet Space, Crete, Petraki Louka 3, Heraklion 71306, Greece
  • Grafimedia, Voulgaroktonou 53, Athens 11473, Greece



How to donate your old laptop


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