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Be the bridge to new opportunities for other people.

Extend the life cycle of your laptop and donate it to an organization. Become the supporter of a less privileged person out there. Put your old laptop to good use and be the reason that somebody can smile again. Donate your old laptop today!

Usually, the life circle of a laptop is seven to eight years. Extending the computer’s life through different types of reuse, it provides the highest environmental benefit of all electronics disposal alternatives.

Millions of computers and laptops are dumped every day in every corner of the planet. Unfortunately, informal processing of electronic waste in developing countries can cause serious health and pollution issues, to an extent beyond our understanding.

Every laptop dumped into a landfill represents a missed opportunity to provide technology and tools to individuals and organizations across the world.


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Make a Difference

You may find it easier to donate your digital equipment directly to your favorite local school. However, it is good to know that most schools have very specific technology needs. An over-the-7-years donated laptop might not be a good fit.

On the other hand, organizations that are ready to accept your laptop donation, most of the times, have a well-educated team ready to repair and upgrade older laptops. They will ensure that your laptop works well and runs legal software copies and that any e-waste is disposed of properly. They will pass on ready-to-use laptops to those who need them.

All used Laptops are offered to Social Hackers Academy, Anaxagora 3-5, Athens 10552 Greece. 

Social Hackers Academy is the first tech education school in Athens for vulnerable groups. Today there are 62,000 refugees stuck in Greece. Due to the economic crisis the country is one of the least prepared in Europe to deal with this influx of people.

Currently, basic necessities are paid for in large part by government organizations and NGOs. But very little money is invested in sustainable solutions to the problem like formal education and skills training.

In September of 2017, they launched a code school to teach students how to become web developers. Their goal is to provide a path out of the camps and towards a dignified, financially independent life.


Donate your Laptop today



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Donation Steps

How to donate your old laptop

Search into your storage house or inside that old box and take your laptop to your hands. Is it in one piece? Ok then… Also, try to find the power cable and put both of them in a bag.

Now type on your working computer our website  or send us a message here.

Yes, we will come and pick it up from you.



Do you live in Athens?

How to donate your old laptop

Our pick-up locations are:

  • Social Hackers Academy, Anaxagora 3, Athens 10552, Greece
  • Ideadeco, Kallirrois 24, Piraeus 18539, Greece


You are not sure, yet?

Contact us!

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